Standard Equipment and Welding Automation

hsaaThe latest generation of Welding Equipment can be programmed with specific process preferences of your individual choice or for the actual welding processes. Based on a solid state power source, it weighs just 1/80 of the 70 year old ancestors but has more power.

  • MMA Equipment
  • Engine Driven Welders
  • TIG Equipment
  • MIG/MAG Equipment
  • Ancillary Equipment
  • Manual Plasma Cutting Equipment

hsaaWelding Automation gives you advantages such as high quality, capacity and of course a much higher productivity. At ESAB we develop and manufacture a wide range of mechanised and automated welding applications to meet any need for a special solution you might have.

  • Orbital TIG Welding
  • Universal Mechanisation Equipment
  • Tractor Automats
  • Welding Heads, Power Sources
  • Carriers and Gantries
  • Wear Parts
  • Components and Modules
  • Flux Equipment
  • Column and Boom
  • Handling Equipment, Seamers
  • ArcWelding
  • Friction StirWelding
  • ResistanceWelding
  • Welding solutions delivered by Automation



  • Cut-Off Wheels for Angle Grinders

  • GBM 6 RE Rotary Drill

  • Plastic Hinged Pipe Clamp