Please look into the list of HI-Force Hydraulic Tools use for Light Mega Construction & Mining Industry, Cement, Oil / Gas, Fabrication & Allied Industries as follows:-hsaa

    Cylinders & Sets

  • Low height, multi-purpose, hollow piston, double acting and high tonnage cylinders, sets & saddles

  • Pumps

  • Manual, electric, air, petrol engine driven, split flow electric pumps and accessories

  • System Components

  • Hoses, oil, pressure gauges, manifolds, couplers, fittings and control valves

  • Jacks

  • Industrial aluminium jacks, compact jacks, steel bottle jacks and machine lift low height jacks

  • Torque Tools

  • Manual, pneumatic and hydraulic torque wrenches, multipliers, pumps and accessories

  • Bolt Tensioners

  • Hydraulic topside and sub-sea tensioners, manual and air driven pumps and accessories

  • Hydrotest Pumps

  • Manually operated and air driven hydrotest pumps and accessories

  • Crimpers & Cutters

  • Hydraulic crimping tools, cable cutters, chain cutters and wire rope cutters

  • Tools

  • Hole punchers, nut splitters, flange spreaders, pipe benders, presses and skates

  • ToughLift

  • ToughLift jacking systems and accessories Tyre bead breakers



  • Cut-Off Wheels for Angle Grinders

  • GBM 6 RE Rotary Drill

  • Plastic Hinged Pipe Clamp